1-3 July 2022Heraklion, Crete island, Greece

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Sebastian Jimenez - Maria Belen Giachello

Sebastian Jimenez

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Maria Belen Giachello

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Gabriel Marino - Vassia Thanopoulou

Gabriel Marino

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Vassia Thanopoulou

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Dora Pardali y Gerardo Moyano

Dora Pardali

Dora started dancing Tango in 2011 in Chania. Since then, she has attended numerous seminars with maestros and has assisted festivals. For many years she had been taking acrobatic dance classes and practising aerial dance as well as classical dance classes.

She started performing with her partner Savvas Kirakosian in 2013 and later in 2021 with Gerardo Moyano. She has travelled to Argentina twice wanting to explore deeper the culture and traditions of Tango and study with recognized maestros.

Dora is currently teaching tango and aerial acrobatics in Chania. Tango for her is an honest connection between two human beings. As it has become a part of her everyday live, Dora is constantly seeking for ways to keep evolving, practising and learning, attending workshops and private classes from maestros all over the world.

Gerardo Moyano

Ηe was born in Zarate, Buenos Aires Argentina and started dancing at the age of 9.

Tango was strongly present during his life due to his family-starting from his grandparents, his cousins and siblings.

At 2013, he started dancing around the world sharing his passion for tango and in 2018 he arrived in Greece, enjoying the honor to be part of the "Tangueros del sur" company which was directed by Natalia Hills.

During these 3 years in Greece,he had the pleasure to form part of the dance schools: " El Conventillo", "La Catedral del Tango", " Tango Steps" and "Ekfrasis Dance Studio"


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