25-28 June 2020Heraklion, Crete island, Greece

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Maestros & Lessons

In this online edition, we are counting with the participation of Maestros who will offer lessons and advice on useful tango topics, helping you focus on common technical issues so that you can take you movement to the next level. In addition, we are offering a series of musicality classes by Nikos Dalamagkas, to enhance your knowledge, interpretation and expression in the dance.

- Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina,
- Vaggelis Hatzopoulos and Marianna Koutandou,
- Lucas Gauto and Naima Gerasopoulou,
- Elli Karadimou and Jordi Moragues,
- Jorge Tsaousoglou and Ioanna Andrikopoulou,
- Nikos Dalamagkas

In a series of pre-recorded classes, you can help us support the festival, all while enjoying the opportunity to study with the maestros' unique techniques and teaching styles on the following subjects:

  • Juan - Stefania: Combination for Giros with sacadas with embellishments.

  • Vaggelis - Marianna: The main structure of giro with sacadas and tips for men and women for a more easy and comfortable giro.

  • Lucas - Naima: giro and enrosque technique for both leader and follower, using solo as well as couple exercises and sequences.

  • Elli - Jordi: Milonga traspie

  • Elli - Jordi: Vals

  • Elli: Women's technique

  • Jordi: Men's technique

  • Jorge - Ioanna: Exploring the space within the embrace for fancy sequences in the pista.

  • Nikos: Musicality level 1: Structure of tango music. Not just rhythm and melody…

  • Nikos: Musicality level 2: The Big 4 of Tango. Music analysis of Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D' Arienzo, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese

  • Nikos: Musicality level 2: Detailed music analysis of Carlos Di Sarli

  • Nikos: Musicality level 2: Detailed music analysis of Juan D' Arienzo

  • Nikos: Musicality level 2: Detailed music analysis of Anibal Troilo

  • Nikos: Musicality level 2: Detailed music analysis of Osvaldo Pugliese

  • Nikos: Musicality level 3: How a tango dancer can use the music theory to dance better. Exercises for you and examples of figures.

All video lessons will be available at 1st of July 2020 in our website. Registered users will get a password to access the videos. Videos will always be available for the participants to see them in the future, but the registration process will be available from now until the 10th of July.